Design is in Bloom.


Well grounded.

Can an ordinary metal mailbox grow up to become a sophisticated object characterised by beauty, longevity and flexibility? Yes, it can. Meet Bloom – a clever contemporary twist on a well-known traditional object. Bloom is manufactured in Trinidad & Tobago using the same time-tested processes as the iconic red mailboxes that dot our landscape. But, although it is rooted in the repurposing of the methods and materials used to make those simple, utilitarian objects, Bloom’s careful design and considerations elevate it to another level. So does its eye-catching finish – a pop of colour applied not only for that wow factor, but also, practically, to help your Bloom stand up to the elements so that you can delight in it for longer.



Let your imagination grow.

Every object By Making designs is centred around the idea of progressive, modern living. We strongly believe in sustainability, too – that well-considered methods and values in making lead to objects you will treasure for years, not discard after a few seasons. Bloom addresses these and another key tenet of By Making: duality. We’re sure you’re a fan of having options, too, so we’ve given you three ways to use your Bloom, whether you’re space restricted in an urban setting or you’ve got room to spare: You can stake Bloom into the ground, hang it, or simply place it in its saucer for a unique surface burst of brightness and cheer.

[Icon Illustration: Chain Up, Raise the Stakes, Rest Easy (need something for that last one), plus outline of Bloom with dimensions?]



In full Bloom.

We’re producing Bloom in limited runs to an eye on quality while exploring a spectrum of colours you’ll love. The 2016-2017 crop of Blooms will be available in three vibrant colours: Pommerac Pink, Poui Yellow and Whatever the Fuck Else. In each box you’ll get a Bloom pot with a metal saucer of the same colour. Collect all three and mix things up! We’re also offering a Bloom Upside-Down Kit, which contains a beautifully made hardwood stake that’s been treated for outdoor use, as well as a chain for you to hang your Bloom higher.


Bloom is currently in production, and will be available to purchase from By Making’s online store in late October 2016. We understand you might want to check out your Bloom in person, though, so we’ll also have a limited number available at select Trinidadian stockists to be announced. If you’d like to get on the waiting list, we’d happily contact you to confirm your order once your Blooms are ready.


TT$350 each Bloom + TT$175 Bloom Upside-Down Kit [open to suggestions on this name]

In Trinidad? You’ll have the option to collect your Bloom or pay a little extra ($$?) for TT Post delivery. International shipping is also available.

[icon Illustrations of boxes – Bloom + saucer; stake + chain?]