Our Bloom plant boxes will be available on our online shop from December 10th, 2017. 

Many of our other products are available to order – if you'd like to find out more about these, please send us an email: hello@bymaking.com


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Meet Bloom – a clever contemporary twist on a well-known traditional object. Bloom is manufactured in Trinidad & Tobago using the same time-tested processes as the iconic red mailboxes that dot our landscape.

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Grab a seat with friends on this bench, which references Peera as its starting point. Its elegant forms and mix of materials take it on a range of outings and functions – from garden party to gallery opening.

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The most dramatic feature of the table is the stilt-like hand turned legs inspired by the moko jumbie/stilt walkers, a feature of our Carnival celebrations. The bean like table top was in response to the space and added to creating a sense of ease.

Peera Christmas Composite.png


Peera is a reinterpretation of a small, traditional, usually homemade wooden bench. Sit on it, unpack it for two separate seats, stand on it to reach higher, or use it as a handy carrying case.

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From salads to pasta, dish anything out in style with these servers, available in short- and long-handle versions. Dishout comes with an adjustable leather and fabric storage/carrying bag. Pairs with Loud Bass

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The MR Side Table plays off a traditional Carnival character, the Midnight Robber. The central component of this table is a turned teak version of a traditional cooking gas cylinder. 


Scene is a custom outdoor seating unit, created for two. It finds its origin in traditional Trinidadian public space benches, but updates forms and materials for a more contemporary and elegant twist.

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Beautiful together and apart, these bowls can be nestled to create a perfect setup for chip-and-dip snacking, stacked to elevate salads or pasta, or separated for distinct functions. You decide. Pairs with Dishout.

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Verb is a multi-functional object that can be easily manipulated in form – from stable, balanced objects like a table, bench, sculpture, or bookcase, to dynamic forms that perambulate, rock or spin.