Inspired by tradition, By Making designs and produces beautiful, utilitarian objects that are centred around the idea of flexible, modern living. Every By Making object demonstrates the value of working with different materials and types of makers and technologies, thereby creating the basis for sustainable, local processes and value systems. 




Meet Bloom – a clever contemporary twist on a well-known traditional object. Bloom is manufactured in Trinidad & Tobago using the same time-tested processes as the iconic red mailboxes that dot our landscape.

Peera Christmas Composite.png


Peera is a reinterpretation of a small, traditional, usually homemade wooden bench. Sit on it, unpack it for two separate seats, stand on it to reach higher, or use it as a handy carrying case.


Scene is a custom outdoor seating unit, created for two. It finds its origin in traditional Trinidadian public space benches, but updates forms and materials for a more contemporary and elegant twist.