We’re going to Milan!

We are thrilled to announce that By Making has been invited to participate in Meet My Project (MMP), a progressive object/ furniture design fair that was founded to bring attention to a hand-selected group of talented designers from around the world. This professional event, which treats design as a way to share, meet and educate takes places 12-17 April as part of Milan’s prestigious Design Week. As MMP is dedicated to designers, buyers, distributors, press, galleries and manufacturers, we firmly believe that our participation there will give By Making and, by extension, Trinidadian object design a meaningful platform in the global product design market.

The theme of this year’s Meet My Project is We Are Social Animals. The two By Making projects MMP’s team selected to be shown at the fair operate nicely within this framework as objects that can be enjoyed with others:
Verb (powder coated aluminium and mahogany) is a multi-functional object that can be easily manipulated in form – from stable, balanced objects like a table, bench, sculpture, or bookcase, to dynamic forms that perambulate, rock or spin; while Peera (powder coated aluminium and cedar) is a reinterpretation of a small, traditional, usually homemade wooden bench, which the user can sit on, unpack for two separate seats, stand on to reach higher, or use as a handy carrying case.

By Making’s presence at MMP will help push emerging Trinidadian object design into local and international markets. We also have plans for expansion – we’re on a quest to scale our operations and markets, helping to diversify our local industries and boosting manufacturing and export of Caribbean designed and manufactured objects. MMP marks a major step in our journey, and we’re really looking forward to sharing this experience with you.