Making a Scene

After seeing an article on By Making in MACO Sourcebook, architect Brian Lewis contacted us about creating custom outdoor seating for the front garden of his private residence, then under renovation. We met with Brian, listened to his needs, visited the space and came up with the design of our newest bespoke seating, Scene, which consists of two identical mixed-material chairs that angle gently towards each other, and are joined by a wooden table to form a single unit. The lines and form of Scene have their origin in the traditional Trinidadian benches that can be found in public squares throughout the country. Instead of concrete, however, Scene uses a familiar By Making combination of materials – powder-coated metal and wood – which were employed for their combined elegance, as well as their sturdiness and longevity in outdoor settings.

According to Brian: Garden benches are not merely for sitting – when they are in a front garden their prominence speaks about the owner’s relationship with the community. The twin bench-chairs joined by a teak table are constructed of just two materials: painted steel and teak. Yet in its simplicity the unit is not merely comfortable to sit on but adopts a contemporary sculptural dimension in a communal-private space.

In speaking about the process of creating this bespoke piece, By Making designer, Marlon Darbeau, notes: The idea behind Scene was to create a sense of comfort normally provided by living room seating. Its design was very much informed by Outin – another garden unit that uses the same materials and making processes. What sets them apart is the referencing of traditional Morris chairs and Savannah benches, while at the same time extending By Making's work on the idea of outside/inside.

View more photos of Scene here.