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Photography and gifs: Damian Libert

Photography and gifs: Damian Libert

We’ve given one of our best known and loved pieces a boost! Say hello to the new Peera-H Stool.

In 2009, By Making launched Peera, a reinterpretation of a small, typically homemade wooden bench used locally for cooking or other utilitarian acts. Designer Marlon Darbeau originally updated this object by expanding materials to include metal and, since its launch, Peera has been displayed in exhibitions and fairs around the world, from Granderson Lab in Trinidad to the Museum of Art and Design (NY) and, most recently, at Milan’s Design Week.

While great in many applications (think gardening bench or step stool), Peera fell a little, umm, short in others. So, we decided to take it higher. Over the past year and a half, we’ve been working on developing, prototyping, testing and adjusting H-shaped wooden legs onto which we can easily slot our distinctive, powder-coated metal Peera. The end product is our new bar-height Peera-H Stools, which continue By Making’s narrative of duality by presenting both a mix of materials, as well as one object that can be used in different ways. Take your metal Peera off the legs and use it elsewhere for functions close to the ground, and then perch on the wooden stool once you’re done. Or, simply keep the two components together and sit up in style.

Available on order. Email for more info.

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