Making Connections

We’re making Caribbean connections!

In July 2016, in an effort to expand their regional reach, members of the Suriname Furniture Group (SFG) met with the By Making team here in Port of Spain. After their visit, we kept in touch about the fabrication of a wooden component of one of our upcoming products. Then, at the end of last year, SFG extended a very generous invitation (fully funded by CBI) to us to attend their Amazonian Furniture & Timber Trade Fair in Paramaribo. We accepted, thrilled to be doing our part to help build relationships within the region.

The Suriname Furniture Group consists of seven companies working in tropical hardwood. The fair starts today, and By Making’s founder and creative director, Marlon Darbeau, is in attendance to check out an exhibition of SFG’s work at the Torarica Hotel, and to visit a number of factories to talk about our products and possibilities. By Making’s look towards Suriname as a viable option for manufacturing components of our products is part of our larger quest to scale our operations and markets. We're also aiming to help diversify our local and regional industries while boosting manufacturing of Caribbean designed and manufactured objects. 

Join us on our trip over on Instagram.