By Making designs and manufactures products guided by the belief that good design should bring beauty, wonder, and delight to the everyday.

By Making was founded in 2010 by Marlon Darbeau, who grew up in Trinidad in a family tradition of metal and woodworking. Since then, we have built a practice around reinterpreting the familiar to create objects that are beautiful, desirable, new and surprising – all centred around the idea of flexible, modern living.

Every object we produce speaks to the value and process of working with different materials and types of makers and technologies, thereby creating the basis for sustainable, local processes and value systems. We’re also fans of duality, and often seek ways in which an object can be transformed from one function to another.

In 2017, By Making formed a relationship with manufacturer TYE, in order to help refine our processes, and to bring more of our products to a broader market. The first of these, Bloom, is available for purchase on our online shop.

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